• LeeHatake93

    PlayStation All-Stars: Polygon Version is a flash game project that has yet to be developed by LegendGames Entertainment. It would be an online flash game inspired by PlayStation All-Stars in the style of Nintendo's Pokemon franchise. This game would not receive an official console release due to being an online flash game.

    The plot begins as Jak, Kat, and Spike are beginning their journey to become Icon Trainers, and capture each PlayStation Icon while defeating various trainers and Gym Leaders.

    Meanwhile, a villainous group led by Kevin Butler is searching for Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon in order to lure out Polygon Man. They plot to reshape the PlayStation Multiverse in their own image.

    The gameplay is taken directly from the Pokemon franc…

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  • LeeHatake93

    This game would combine All-Stars and Street Fighter in that each character will have a winning screen, and then a victory quote. However, the victory quotes are only directed toward a single character in 1v1 matches. In other free-for-alls, the quotes merely reflect on what the character says in their winning screen.

    Win Quote/VS Avatar: No one who threatens the stability of peace can defeat us. We are the ultimate hero of the Multiverse!

    VS BOND: DBON, is that you? Or were you our counterparts from a different universe?

    VS Suraisa: This is the last time we'll battle. I'll put an end to Akuma's scheme, permanently! 

    VS Lee Hatake: What do you mean you don't remember us? Then again, you are younger than you were the last time we met.

    VS Nero Cresce…

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