The following 25 characters are playable in Brawl Super-Star Legends.The line-up also includes a guest from Goop's World, a series developed by Toshiko Games. The characters are listed in alphabetical order, and their rivals and Minions are listed as well. Bankatsu no Akuma appears as the final boss.


Character Series Minion Rival
Allen Stark Hero's Retribution Jessie Lee Hatake
Avatar Avatar City Shin Ryoku N/A
Battle Legend OC Arena The Boss BOND
Bob the Alien Agent 0049 Steve Droid Ray Jackson
BOND B.O.N.D Zyagesuke Battle Legend
Brick Rogers Block-Stars Studio Minnie Figure James Draiman
Daisuke Jikoku BOND Legends Ayame Tenrai Tortelder
Goop Goop's World King Grex Satsujin
Haze Hero's Retribution Alistair Wraith
Ian Powers Legend Games Powers Avatar Sonten Drone
Jack Longhorn Agent 0049 Chief Percy Sara Walker
James Draiman Notoriety The Tank Brick Rogers
Lee Hatake Brawl Legends Rayne Allen Stark
Nero Crescent Brawl Legends Hirudo Raizo
Raizo Elders' Legacy Elder Mage Nero Crescent
Ray Jackson Thrill of the Hunt Rex Bob the Alien
Riku & Zaku BOND Legends Kyoshi Suraisa
Sara Walker Blood Prophecy Chuck Jack Longhorn
Satsujin OC Arena Kojin Goop
Siren Blood Prophecy Pandora Stabbo the Clown
Sonten Drone LegendGames Entertainment GSP-VDS Ian Powers
Stabbo the Clown Stabbo's Clubhouse Colonel Cutthroat Siren
Suraisa B.O.N.D. Bankatsu no Akuma Riku & Zaku
Tortelder Meta Monsters Posident Daisuke Jikoku
Wraith Elders' Legacy Azuranos Haze

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