An item is an object featured in Brawl Super-Star Legends that appears during matches that characters can pick up and use. Each item has varying uses that effect the game play; they all also originate from various LegendGames franchises.

Item List

This list is still incomplete.

Item Series Class Description
Azrael's Stone Elders' Legacy Power-Up A sacred stone belonging to the Dragon Deity, Azrael. Allows the user to breathe fire.
Beast's Curse Blood Prophecy Transform A vial of a red substance. Turns the user into a werewolf for a brief time, increasing their strength and knockback resistance.
Controller Legend Games Special Allows the user to "cheat" utilizing a few features such as instantly gaining access to their Level 3 Super, draining the other characters' super meters, choosing the next item that will spawn in battle, or result in the death of all characters in the battle (a "cheating penalty"). This is the rarest item in the game, save for the Potara Rings.
Explosive Tag Brawl Legends Weapon A paper tag with a special seal. It will explode after being thrown and can be attached to characters.
Laser Brace Mark IV Agent 0049 Weapon A wrist brace that will shoot lasers. It can be charged to fire a large beam.
Legend Points (LP) Super-Star Legends Meter Fuel Orbs of energy that are collected to perform Super Moves. Legend Points can also be directly drained from a character or used to charge the Awakening Meter for certain characters.
Potara Ring(s) B.O.N.D Special A rare item exclusive to Team Matches. Whenever a Potara Ring is picked up by a character, it is added to a special "inventory" slot next to the HUD. Whenever all members of a Team (only in 2v2 matches) collect one, they are given an option to fuse, which combines them into a single character controlled by the leader of the team. The new character has a combination of both characters' movesets, and can de-fuse at any time during the 10 second period the characters stay merged.
Transem Ray Agent 0049 Transform A remote appears on stage. When a character picks it up, a large beam is fired across the stage, switching the genders of all characters. Male characters gain speed, but lose power in their attacks. Female characters lose speed, but gain power in their attacks. The effects last about 12 seconds. The characters' names also change temporarily.
Warrior Scroll Brawl Legends Summoning A scroll that, when activated, will call a random character that assists the user in battle.
Wiggles Goop's World Companion A robot that,upon being summoned, will follow his summoner for about 10 seconds and rocket-punch anyone nearby, while telling Wiggles jokes.