Jon Kurosaki


Brawl Legends


18 (Debut)
29 (BOND Legends)


Skilled Swordsman
Lightning Element Techniques
Can transform


Raikiri Tensho
Ziro Inazuma
Flash Teleportation


Mitsuru Kurosaki (Father, incarcerated)
Kazumi Miyahara (Mother, deceased)
Hachiro Kurosaki (Brother, deceased)
Akari Inoue-Kurosaki (Wife)
Ichiro Kurosaki (Son)

Voice Actor

John Geels


Brawl Legends: Shinobi Reborn



Jonouchi "Jon" Kurosaki is a major supporting character from the Brawl Legends franchise, and is one of Lee Hatake's most trusted allies. He is a skilled swordsman who is both a samurai and a shinobi.


Jon is the son of a samurai man and a shinobi woman and is one of the main protagonists of Brawl Legends. He was raised by his older brother, Hachiro, after mother died and his father was incarcerated. He trained is both ninja arts and samurai swordplay, and was proven to be a master of the lightning element. However, one day a former friend of Hachiro's, a man named Draco Tenshi, arrived and revealed his criminal persona. He attacked the Kurosaki home and challenged Hachiro to mortal combat, emerging the winner. Jon was enraged and challenge Tenshi despite his high disadvantage, but Tenshi brushed him aside, sparing him only to see what he could grow into. Unable to use Hachiro's legendary blade, Tenshi tossed it aside and challenged Jon to master its secrets so that he can test his strength. After Tenshi's departure, Jon took his brother's blade and swore to become powerfu enough to kill Tenshi, although he was unaware that Hachiro's sword hosted a powerful spirit within. From this point onward, he was left in the care of a nearby samurai clan. Years after training to perfect his samurai and ninja techniques, Jon was approached by the samurai elders and was tasked with finding the Chosen One of a local prophecy that foretold the destruction of the world by a being known as The Fallen. Jon accepted this mission, and months later, found Lee Hatake.

Connection to Brawl Super-Star Legends

In Brawl Super-Star Legends, Jon appears as a Minion. He is also seen in story mode as one of the Brawl Legends Universe spectators of the Multiversal Tournament. Any future roles he will play are still unknown at this point.


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