Meta Monsters III
Meta Beasts
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Developer(s) LegendGames Entertainment
Publisher(s) LegendGames Entertainment
Designer(s) Buddy Thompson

Justin Wolfe

Series Meta Monsters
First Release TBA
Genre(s) Open-World RPG, Battle Arena
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer
Ratings Teen
Platform(s) Unknown
Media TBA, Download
Meta Monsters III is a role-playing adventure game collboratively developed by LegendGames Entertainment and Toshiko Games.


Meta Monsters III retains all of the same gameplay mechanics as previous entries in the series, and introduces new Cosmic forms as well as a slew of all-new creatures. In addition, players are now able to travel between Isshagure and Pintigo, the regions introduced in Meta Monsters and its sequel, respectively, as well as the all-new Armora region.

For the first time in the series, players are able to enter an online world where they can interact and battle other players throughout the world in an open multiplayer setting, drawing similarities to open-world of Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto Online.


The story is still under development, although the elements that are known are that:

  • Players once again take the role of a male or female protagonist, and set off on their journey across the all-new region of Armora. They will also be able to explore the regions of Isshagure and Pintigo.
  • More Meta Monsters are able to call upon Cosmic forms.

List of Meta MonstersEdit

As in Pokémon, the player will be given on of three starter monsters. However, the other two will be available for capture later in the game.


  1. Fire
  2. Water
  3. Plant
  4. Earth
  5. Air
  6. Beast
  7. Dragon
  8. Poison
  9. Ghost
  10. Fighting
  11. Metal
  12. Magic
  13. Normal
  14. Electric
  15. Ice
  16. Bug
  17. Cosmic (Applies to Cosmic Forms)

Monster EncyclopediaEdit

Monster Species Picture Type
Okapot Plant
Giraverde Plant/Steel
Alterrum Plant/Steel
Gavory Water
Allibino Water/Beast
Allibus Water/Beast
Lamber Fire
Satyro Fire/Fighting
Combustyr Fire/Fighting
Crookoon Normal
Kleftkoon Normal
Hawift Normal/Air
Grinjet Air
Sonicrin Air
Cattsume Bug
Maskoon Bug
Cammillion Bug/Air
Caveye Water
Vestigup Water
Vladrac Beast/Air
Vamplasma Beast/Air
Globber Ghost/Poison
Nuppipid Ghost/Poison
Pennickel Metal
Duobloon Metal
Detonake Poison/Fire
Atomanita Poison/Fire
Shovole Earth/Metal
Excavole Earth/Metal
Voleetle Bug/Fire
Bugadier Bug/Fire
Terrapeak Ice
Cryichthy Water/Ice
Cryossil Water/Ice
Gigantooth Beast/Dragon
Crypsy Magic
Divistal Magic
Dugly Water/Air
Swanelle Water/Air
Valkyra Ice/Magic
Tropiconut Plant
Cocoanut Plant
Ghover Ghost/Air
Floatom Ghost/Air
Floatasm Ghost/Air
Darwinch Air/Normal
Finchagure Air/Fire
Finchigo Air/Ice
Finchora Air/Electric
Honant Bug
Delectant Bug
Fowlora Plant
Nuzi Normal
Nuziwi Normal
Metarf Ice/Metal
Metusk Ice/Metal
Walriron Ice/Metal
Slamander Fighting
Kelpony Water
Kellion Water
Zappotamus Electric
Sparkilo Electric
Conductor Electric/Metal
Snotund Ice
Snobrawl Ice/Fighting
Polygami Plant/Magic
Kappow Water/Fighting
Kappattack Water/Fighting
Cherishub Magic
Cherubliss Magic
Awesol Magic
Seenome Ghost/Magic
Macrab Beast
Takastilt Beast
Dryu Dragon
Orientail Dragon
Razuko Fighting/Bug
Ningile Fighting/Plant
Dolfin Water/Magic
Dolphi Water/Magic
Camrazzi Metal
Oowee Plant/Magic
Oowawa Plant/Magic
Wawabinban Plant/Magic
Mossloth Plant
Snoozloth Plant
Quillopine Earth
Pinetank Earth
Machico Fighting
Cuchica Magic
Frenome Water/Poison
Circish Water/Magic
Inktopus Water/Metal
Inkwitzer Water/Metal
Nessio Water/Dragon
Tumber Metal/Fighting
Lumburly Metal/Fighting
Antiquey Metal/Earth
Magnorth Metal
Magnesouth Metal
Billabun Beast/Water
Carrivore Air
Scavulture Air
Shellfay Magic
Puconch Magic
Venomon Poison/Dragon
Komodon Poison/Dragon
Searpent Fire/Dragon
Serpicante Fire/Dragon
Gaustric Poison/Metal
Snalfur Poison/Metal
Woolinch Ice
Frostodon Ice
Sweben Bug/Magic
Weverie Bug/Magic
Ghostlurk Ghost/Earth
Gillick Water/Bug
Lixigua Water/Bug
Twindy Air
Tornadust Air
Gobbeel Water/Ghost
Gutteel Water/Ghost
Grendmine Metal/Fire
Bomboom Metal/Fire
Bomboss Metal/Fire
Cetocean Water/Dragon
Cerberish Beast/Fire
Pantaur Fighting/Beast
Hydraemon Dragon/Poison
Olympest Electric/Fighting

Meta Monsters Recieving Cosmic FormsEdit

There are 20 Meta Monsters from the second game recieving Cosmic Forms.