Modes are simply the various different gameplay experiences featured in Brawl Super-Star Legends. They are separate into Single- and Multi-Player modes.

Mode List

Single-Player Modes

  • Story Mode: The Ultimate Clash of Legends
  • Multiversal Tournament
  • Training
  • Collection
  • Customization
  • Store

Multi-Player Modes

  • Network Battle
  • Legend Mode
  • Legendary Battle
  • Duel

Mode Descriptions

Not every detail is available at this time.

Story Mode: The Ultimate Clash of Legends

  • Plot Overview: Warriors spanning several worlds are brought together by a mysterious force. Soon, they begin to meet each other and go about regular activities such as an upcoming fighting tournament taking place in another universe. Unknown to the warriors, however, is the same force that brought them together is slowly destroying their worlds, and adding their abilities to his own.
  • The story of Brawl Super-Star Legends unfolds! In this mode, players fight their way through various game modes and battles as the story progresses. These battles include traditional free-for-alls, team matches, and duels. Some characters will also have special game modes present to advance the story, such as a side-scolling adventure, a few mini-games, and ground-breaking quick-time event sequenced boss battles, among many other things.

Multiversal Tournament

  • A gathering of the Multiverse's greatest warriors! This mode serves as the game's arcade mode, where each character battles random opponents in a ladder arcade before facing the final boss.


  • This mode allows players to choose their character and play through several training modes.
  • 'Standard': This mode simply allows players to choose their character and stage and immediately practice their character's moveset.
  • Tutorial: This mode allows players to learn the tips and tricks behind mastering their favorite character's moveset.


  • This mode contains various unlockables and other informative content unlocked throughout the game.
  • Legends Library: In this mode, players can view the biographies of the various characters in the game, as well as 3D models of each of the playable characters, enemies in Story Mode, and other characters.
  • Gallery: In this mode, players can view the cutscenes from Story Mode, the battle scenes from Boss Battles, and each character's arcade ending from Multiversal Tournament.
  • Heroes' History: This mode contains playable demos of games from most of the characters' franchises.


  • Players can customize each characters' winning screens, intro's, Minions, taunts, and victory themes. Players can also change their online titles, backgrounds, and icons.


  • This mode allows players to access the online store in order to download additional content to the game such as costumes, stages, Minions, and characters.

Network Battle

  • This mode allows players to play online.

Legend Mode

  • This mode allows players to tackle various challenges with a friend. These challenges include special events, mini-games, and other multi-player tasks.

Legendary Battle

  • This is the traditional brawl mode. Players can either invite online friends for a personal match or play alongside local friends in their room.


  • This battle mode is limited to one-on-one matches, given each character unique victory quotes.