PlayStation All-Stars: Polygon Version
Polygon Version
Developer(s) LegendGames Entertainment
Publisher(s) None
Designer(s) Buddy Thompson
Series LegendGames' Flash Games
First Release TBA
Genre(s) Turn-Based RPG
Mode(s) Single Player
Ratings Not Rated
Platform(s) PC
Media Flash Game

PlayStation All-Stars: Polygon Version is a flash game project that has yet to be developed by LegendGames Entertainment. It would be an online flash game inspired by PlayStation All-Stars in the style of Nintendo's Pokemon franchise. This game would not receive an official console release due to being an online flash game.


The plot begins as Jak, Kat, and Spike are beginning their journey to become Icon Trainers, and capture each PlayStation Icon while defeating various trainers and Gym Leaders.

Meanwhile, a villainous group led by Kevin Butler is searching for Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon in order to lure out Polygon Man. They plot to reshape the PlayStation Multiverse in their own image.


The gameplay is taken directly from the Pokemon franchise.

Similarities to Pokemon

  • The game begins with an introduction lecture given by a professor that explains the game's universe.
  • Players choose whether they are male or female, and are able to name their player whatever they want.
  • Players start out in a town with a starter creature. They also battle a rival.
  • Players travel around a region where they may battle and capture 151 different creatures, each with special powers and abilities
  • The creatures will level up, and some of them may evolve to a different creature.
  • Players recieve a digital encyclopedia that records information on captured creatures.
  • Players will have a limit of six creatures that travel with them. Any additional ones are transported to storage.
  • There are items that heal the player's party, and items that allow the capture of creatures.
  • The player will recieve badges for defeating Gym Leaders. 8 badges are required to face the Elite Four and Champion.
  • The creatures may breed in daycare centers.
  • All creatures are allowed to follow the player outside of battle.
  • The players will receive portable vehicles as a means of traveling faster.
  • Players may take part in Single, Double, and Triple Battles. However, Rotation Battles are omitted.

Differences from Pokemon

  • Polygon Version allows players to choose between two male characters.
  • The player does not capture creatures with Poke Balls. Instead, there are a variety of items such as Invizimals traps and items called "Icon Capsules".
  • Captured creatures will not be boxed up in a PC. Instead, they will be sent to the player's hometown where they roam freely in a fenced area. The player may also visit and interact with them, much like the Pokemon anime.
  • In addition to following the player, some creatures will travel in different ways. Daxter will ride on Jak's shoulder, Dusty will levitate around Kat, Pipo Monkeys will jump around, and most large creatures can be ridden.
  • Instead of a bicycle, Jak and Spike recieve hoverboards. Kat will be able to glide for faster travel.
  • When attacked by wild creatures, players have the option to run or battle, instead of automatically sending out their party members.
  • Whenever  a Gym Leader, Elite Four Member, Team Polygon Member, or the Champion's party have fainted, the battle is not over. Instead, the player will battle the trainer themselves.
  • The above also applies to the player. If their entire party faints, they will not automatically be transported to a hospital, but will instead fight, themselves.
  • In these types of battles, the player is given five attacks instead of the usual four that the Icons (and Pokemon) possess. These include four regular attacks and one Super Attack, which reflects on the character's Level 3 super move from Battle Royale.
  • The game includes a Stadium Battle Challenge, located in Blackrock, that is similar to the Pokemon World Tournament from Pokemon Black & White Versions 2. However, instead of just being a tournament in which every major character participates, players are actually given the option to change characters for the tournament.
  • A new feature is introduced which allows players to take part in Icon Battle Royales, in which four trainers, each with a maximum of six Icons in their party, will battle each other in a battle royale-styled match.
  • Some of the PlayStation Icons, unlike Pokemon, actually have four stages of evolution, rather than three.


The country for the game is called the Sony Region, and it is modeled after the land of Titania from Fat Princess. Each city or town in the game is taken from a different franchise,

List of Locations (In Progress)

Location Home to:
Sandover Village Jak, Daxter, Keira, Samos
Time Station Spike, The Professor
Hekesville Kat, Dusty. Raven, Gade
Empire City Evil Cole MacGrath, Sasha, Alden, Reapers
New Marais Good Cole MacGrath, Zeke Dunbar, Lucy Kuo, Nix
Metropolis Ratchet, Clank, Qwark
Paris Sly, Bentley, Murray
Blackrock Sweet Tooth, Calypso
Nepal Nathan Drake, Victor Sullivan, Elena Fisher
Gallowmere Sir Daniel Fortesque, Zarok, Gargoyles
PaRappa Town PaRappa, Sunny Funny, Joe Chin
Toro Town Toro Inoue, Kuro
Mishima Estate Heihachi Mishima, Kuma
Red Castle Town Fat Princess, Red Warriors
Dreamscape Sackboy, Larry DaVinci, LittleBigPlanetians (Sackfolk)
Sparta Kratos, Spartans
Mt. Olympus Zeus, Gods
Rift Town Emmett Graves
Limbo City Dante, Kat (DmC), Vergil
Fearless City Nariko, Kai, Bohan's Warriors
Colombia Big Daddy, Little Sister, Booker DeWitt, Elizabeth
S.S. Ishimura Isaac Clarke, various Trainers
Polygon Road Various Trainers
Polygon H.Q Kevin Butler
The Warp Room Crash Bandicoot
Dragon Temple Spyro the Dragon
Precursor Temple Ottsels
Rock Village The Gambler, The Warrior, Klaww
Shadow Moses Island Raiden, Solid Snake, Otacon, Mei Ling
Salt Lake City Joel, Ellie
PlayStation Realm Polygon Man


Player Appearance Starter
Jak Pokemon Jak Daxters
Kat Pokemon Kat Dusty
Spike Pokemon Spike Monkey yellow


Event Screenshot
Opening Lecture The Intro
The Three Starters Starter Choice
First Battle First Battle
Promotional Image Fight Your Rival2
A leaked image of a codec conversation between Raiden and Snake, hinting the connection to Nintendo. Codec

Main Characters

The list of primary characters in the games.

Character Appearance Role Super Attack
Big Daddy Big Daddy VS Gym Leader Flood
Cole (Evil) Bad Cole VS Member of Team Polygon Beast Cole
Cole (Good) Good Cole VS Gym Leader Ionic Vortex
Colonel Radec Radec VS Member of Team Polygon Jetpack Assault
Dante Dante VS Gym Leader/Rival (Later in the game) Devil Trigger
Dart Field Dart VS Event Battle Divine Dragoon
Delsin Rowe Delsin VS Champion Conduit Equinox
Emmett Graves Emmett VS Gym Leader/Rival (to Kat) The Hawk
Fat Princess Fat P VS Gym Leader Protect the Princess
Heihachi Mishima Heihachi VS Member of Team Polygon Rocket Blast
Isaac Clarke Isaac VS Rival (Later in the story) Dead Space
Jak and Daxter Jak VS Player/Protagonist and Rival (as NPC) Light Jak
Joel Joel VS Gym Leader The Last Survivor
Kat and Dusty Kat VS Player/Protagonist and Rival (as NPC) Gravity Panther
Kevin Butler Coming soon... Leader of Team Polygon VP of Crossover Relations
Kratos Kratos VS Member of Team Polygon Rage of the Gods
Nathan Drake Drake VS Gym Leader El Dorado Sarchopagus
Nariko Nariko VS Elite Four Member Goddess Mode
PaRappa PaRappa VS Gym Leader/Rival (to Spike) Doombox ft. PaRappa
Polygon Man Polygon Man VS Legendary Icon A New Challenge
Raiden Raiden VS Spy infiltrating Team Polygon Box Revengeance
Ratchet & Clank Ratchet VS Gym Leader/Rival (to Jak) Aphelion Assault
Rudy Roughnight Rudy VS Event Battle Wild Arms
Sackboy Sackboy VS Elite Four Member Prize Bubble Bonus
Sir Daniel Fortesque Sir Dan VS Elite Four Member Anubis Stone
Sly Cooper Sly Cooper VS Thief (neutral party/battled by both sides) Recon Sly
Spike Spike VS Player/Protagonist and Rival (as NPC) Satellite Laser
Sweet Tooth Sweet Tooth VS Member of Team Polygon Mecha-Tooth
Toro Inoue and Kuro
Toro n Kuro
Elite Four Members Toro's Dream Come True O_o
Zeus Zeus VS Member of Team Polygon Wrath of Zeus


A list of music that would be used in-game.

Icon List (In Progress)

A list of the PlayStation creatures that will serve as Pokemon, dubbed "Icons". There will be 151 as in the original generation of Pokemon.

Number Name Franchise Rarity
1 Dusty Gravity Rush One
2 Dusty (Gravity Panther) Gravity Rush One
3 Pipo Monkey Ape Escape Common
4 Pipotron Gorilla Ape Escape Uncommon
5 Daxter Jak and Daxter One
6 Dark Daxter Jak and Daxter One
7 Ottsel Jak and Daxter Uncommon
8 Tigershark (Pup) Invizimals Common
9 Tigershark (Colt) Invizimals Uncommon
10 Tigershark (Max) Invizimals None (Wild)
11 Spiker inFamous Common
12 Ravager inFamous Uncommon
13 Devourer inFamous None (Wild)
14 Behemoth inFamous One
15 Crocodog Jak and Daxter One
16 Lurker Piranha Jak and Daxter Common
17 Lurkershark Jak and Daxter Common
18 Stinger Jak and Daxter Common
19 Grunt Jak and Daxter Common
20 Stalker Jak and Daxter Uncommon
21 Metal-Saur Jak and Daxter Rare
22 Soldier (Lurker) Jak and Daxter Common
23 Flying Lurker Jak and Daxter Uncommon
24 Klaww Jak and Daxter One
25 Chimera Resistance Uncommon
26 Chimera Beast Resistance Rare
27 Protopet Ratchet & Clank Uncommon
28 Protopet (Mutated) Ratchet & Clank None (Wild)
29 Robbit Jumping Flash Common
30 Flut-Flut Jak and Daxter Rare
31 Stingwing (Pup) Invizimals Common
32 Stingwing (Colt) Invizimals Common
33 Stingwing (Max) Invizimals Uncommon
34 Icelion (Cub) Invizimals Common
35 Icelion (Colt) Invizimals Uncommon
36 Icelion (Max) Invizimals Rare
37 Shambahla Guardian Uncharted Uncommon
38 Djinn Uncharted Uncommon
39 Ice Chimera God of War Uncommon
40 Basilisk God of War Very Rare
41 Raven's Crow Gravity Rush Unobtainable
42 Helghan Guard Dog Killzone Uncommon
43 Helghan Spider Killzone Common
44 Amoeboid Ratchet & Clank Common
45 King Amoeboid Ratchet & Clank Common
46 Spiky King Ratchet & Clank None (Wild)
47 Patapon Patapon Common
48 Uberhero Patapon Uncommon
49 Kuma Tekken One
50 Chicken Fat Princess Rare
51 Giant Chicken Fat Princess None (Wild)
52 Clicker The Last of Us Common
53 Bloater The Last of Us Uncommon
144 Negativitron LittleBigPlanet One
145 Uberjackal Invizimals One
146 Guardian Journey One
147 Hydra God of War One
148 Malus Shadow of the Colossus One
149 Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot One
150 Spyro the Dragon Spyro One
151 Polygon Man PlayStation One

Easter Eggs

  • Similar to the Pokemon series, the three protagonists each have a Sony console in their home. However, they each have a different console that reflects their age, rather than owning the same one as in the Pokemon series. They also have a corresponding handheld system.
    • Spike has a PlayStation One and the long-forgotten PocketStation.
    • Jak has a PlayStation 2 and a PSP.
    • Kat has a PlayStation 3 and a PlayStation Vita.
  • In addition, players can visit Delsin Rowe's home, where they will find a PlayStation 4.


  • Most of the locations, such as Helghan and Sparta, have been remade into cities/towns. The Ishimura has also been remade into a boat, similar to the S.S. Anne from Pokemon.
  • Similar to the new Mega Evolution mechanic, Daxter and Dusty will be able to "evolve" and "un-evolve" at will. Also, some species, such as the Spikers from inFamous, will evolve more than twice, unlike in Pokemon where the creatures can only evolve twice, excluding Mega Evolutions as they are simply form changes.
  • This game was originally a hypothetical trio of games called PlayStation All-Stars: Orange, Purple, and Polygon Versions, however the three games are now being merged into one under the simple title PlayStation All-Stars: Polygon Version.

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